What you Need to Pack While Travelling During Coronavirus Pandemic: A Complete Travel Guide

The world hasn’t seen such casualties in the most recent history. Novel Coronavirus has reached almost every nook and corner of the earth and caused a deeper impact on everyone’s lifestyle. Stay-at-home is the most preferable way to prevent the spread of this disease but it’s not possible for a lifetime.

Hence, restrictions are loosening up and flights have restarted their journeys including domestic and international. Additionally, road trips are also taking place.

If you are at home or at your office then you can easily avail cleaning and disinfection service from Dubai Cleaners to lower the risk of infection. But, if you need to travel anywhere then what would be your precautions?

Gain potential benefits by carrying some unskippable things while you consider travelling. Additionally, a few preventive measures can turn into your lifesaver.

What you Have to Pack?

Health experts prohibit you from going on a road trip this summer. Whether you choose road trips or flight trips, the chances of getting infected remain almost the same. COVID-19 can easily spread when you come to close proximity to other people. You need to be more cautious when you can’t avoid the trip, anyway.

Thus, you have to pack only the essentials, nothing more or less. Don’t forget that situations can get worse and you might have to spend a few extra days due to any emergency. Prepare yourself and your luggage carefully. So, you can get rid of the chances of getting infected. Here’s what you have to pack.

1.   Personal Hygiene Equipment

Within a few months, all of us have been forced to use masks, sanitizers, and social distancing norms. Obviously, all those are for the sake of health. Recent studies have proven that you can keep yourself safe by maintaining optimum hygiene rules to the fullest.

Additionally, don’t compromise with your diet. Take vitamin supplements, painkiller drugs, and nausea-minimizing drugs along with your regular medicines and pills.

Whenever you reach any place or where you are going to sit, use sanitizer-spray to disinfect that place. Avoid direct contact or touch from all the belongings at the airport. Additionally, consistent cleaning services from Dubai Cleaners usually keep the public places hygienic.

2.   Garments and Shoes

During a pandemic situation, you are not allowed to take extra clothes and shoes with you. Pack only those that you require the most. Extra luggage will maximize hurdles for you. You have to sanitize them more often and anything missed can indulge in the chances of infection.

These are effective tips for those who have to attend trips such as air-hostess, pilots, and other crews. Try to carry one extra set of formals. Pack that essential jeans, shirts, t-shirts, two pairs of shoes, at most. You can carry shirts with short-sleeves or aviation t-shirts for making the journey more comfortable.

3.   Masks, Hand Sanitizers

In today’s scenario, you won’t wait for our words to carry face-masks and sanitizers. We are just reminding you so that you don’t forget to pack as many masks as possible, along with hand-sanitizers, PPE kits.

Rub on the hand-sanitizers every now and then to ensure maximum safety from Coronavirus infection. Especially, when you cannot reach soap and water at any time. Rub the sanitizer for at least twenty seconds with the same gestures you apply during a hand wash.

Additionally, purchase alcohol-based wet tissues because you can’t escape the touch policy. Whether it be a doorknob, handle, toilet seat, or your seat in the plane, you can wipe them with tissues. Probably you know that such surfaces can hold viruses for a longer time period. Don’t take any risk and wipe all these places including your smartphones.

4.   Gadgets and other Requisites

You are grabbing your smartphones while you are leaving for the trip. If it’s regarding your business tour then you should pack your laptops and tablets as well. Don’t forget to pack their adapters, headphones. So, you don’t have to invest in these again and get in touch with people while buying all the stuff. Pack a power bank, in case the devices get exhausted.

What Rules do you Need to Maintain while Travelling?

Not only prerequisites are enough to control the spread of COVID-19, but also your etiquette decides the risk factors of getting infected. Here’s what you should maintain while you can’t avoid your trips.

Avoid Crowd and Queues

The world is reopening after a long lockdown and you can expect a moderate crowd at places. But, Coronavirus infection mostly spreads due to direct touch and contamination. Try to wear masks round the clock to avoid all the aerosols. Aerosols in the air can hold Coronavirus for hours. You can protect yourself and others by wearing a mask and most importantly, neglecting gatherings.

Opt for shorter queues where you can maintain social-distancing. Additionally, shorter queues are more controlled. If you have to attend a joyride make sure that you are having enough distance from other passengers.

Usually, public organizations avail cleaning and sanitization services from reputable companies such as Dubai Cleaners to keep the surroundings well maintained.

Prefer Private Vehicles

If you are conducting any road trip, you can do a favour to yourself. You can avoid staying at hotels; rather you can use your own vehicle to stay in. By the way, this is not possible for longer and abroad journeys. But, short trip makers can give this idea a go.

Thus, you can avoid direct touch from heavily-touched surfaces than staying at hotels. If you have got your own villa or habitation at that destination then you need not worry about anything. However, you might notice a hike in travelling expenses, nowadays. Get superior cleaning services at your villas from the professionals.

Know the Rules

If you are going to travel to another state or nation then you should have a complete concept of applicable rules over there. Every nation, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, has applied a set of rules for its citizens and travellers as well. You are expected to follow all these rules to maintain hygiene.

Choose a hotel that maintains an extreme level of contact-free technology and cleaning amenities for travellers. Don’t look for a restaurant, bar, gym, and pool facilities while sorting out the perfect hotel, this time. Note if the hotel maintains proper commercial cleaning service or not.


Things have changed a lot after the COVID-19 pandemic has broken out. All of us want a secure future and that’s why hygienic practices are a must. Carry your masks, hand-sanitizers and get ready to fight against the Novel Coronavirus pandemic with both defence and tactful strategy. Avail regular home and commercial cleaning services from Dubai Cleaners who maintain the guidelines of the government and help you enjoy your tours.

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